About Us

At RiggSafe Solutions, our purpose is to promote safe, useful and efficient field references for the rigger, crane operator, job superintendent, engineer, planner and others involved in construction, building trades and maintenance industries.
  The Riggers Reference Handbook provides a simple and understandable format that will be easily applied in the field.  Watch for PIC_0141future practical reference and training materials to assist the professional rigger in the field as well as those involved in training riggers and crane operators.

RiggsThe Author, Mike Riggs, has worked in the crane and rigging industry for over 30 years. Mike’s expertise is formed by the unique perspective of having the real life experience of walking from one end of the profession through to the other.  Mike began his career as an Ironworker/rigger in 1977.  After 11 years in the field, Mike spent the next 9 years in the development and instruction of safe Crane and Rigging training programs.  From 1997 to 2012, Mike opened and managed two successful branches for I & I Slingmax manufacturing facilities.  Mike has designed, developed and instructed crane and rigging programs for DOE, Slingmax® Rigging Solutions and the private industry.  He is an affiliate member of ASME and a past President of the Association of Crane and Rigging Professionals (ACRP). Mike is currently President of Rigging Institute, LLC Throughout this handbook Mike shares his own experiences from the field, classroom instruction and manufacturing years, as well as the gathered expertise of others who are respected and experienced in the crane and rigging industry. This unique combination provides the end user with a comprehensive riggers reference handbook whose practicality cannot be found in other publications.