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Qualified Inspector Slings & Rigging Hardware Manual


Our Qualified Inspector (Slings & Rigging Hardware) manual  (Size: 11″ x 8 1/2” x  1/4”) is a 75-page full color manual covering periodic inspections. Inside you will find 150+ photographic examples of field-damaged slings and rigging hardware. These color photos provide an excellent source of visual damage for accessing removal of slings and rigging hardware from service. Throughout the manual, references for removal criteria are accompanied with the requirements from OSHA, ASME, WSTDA, CI and AWRF.

An excellent training tool, the use of this manual will greatly enhance one’s knowledge of sling and rigging hardware types, their correct applications, as well as assist in identifying correctly fabricated sling assemblies. This manual assists in the process of one’s ability to confidently identify sling and hardware defects and failures.

Language: English

Weight: 16 oz.

Unit Price: $95


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