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Connecting 2 Slings with Shackles.

Question: Can we use 2 slings linked by a shackle to strangle a steel stick? Answer: When connecting two slings together, shackles are the preferred method. When connecting slings using shackles be sure to follow the following steps. 1.  Prevent shackles from eccentrically loading (pulling at an angle). If this is not possible shackle rating…

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Do two slings equal double the capacity rating?

Question: Do two slings connected in a vertical hitch at the same single connection point (both top and bottom) give you double the capacity rating? Answer: The two slings of equal capacity will have a rating equal to the combined vertical hitch capacity under the following conditions: 1) The slings are of exactly the same…

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Measure Twin-Path® Slings under load to ensure accuracy.

Question: I have a question concerning (4) TPX9000 x 60 ft.  We have measured these slings and it appears that the slings are now different lengths, some having up to a few inches of difference.  Could you please send me information concerning the proper way to measure the slings, and if there is any reasons…

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